Ashleigh Barty - Fila - Axilus 2 Energized tennis shoe

Tennis Shoes Worn by the WTA Top 10 Players

If you’re a budding tennis player, or perhaps you’re working your way towards the WTA yourself, it’s important to arm yourself with the best equipment for the game.

From rackets to bags, apparel to shoes, it’s vital that you get everything right. This isn’t only from a fashion point of view, of course, but also from a stability point of view whilst you’re working your way around the tennis court, hitting winners from the baseline and attempting that seemingly impossible lob.

The top 10 players on the WTA tour know this very well, and as a result, they take the clothing and shoes they wear very seriously. It’s true that top players have lucrative deals with big sports companies, but they choose specific companies not only from what they can offer but also in terms of quality. You’re not going to find former world number 1 Serena Williams endorsing a brand which doesn’t give her the grip and bounce she needs on the court!

For that reason, you can trust the tennis shoes you’ll see adorning the feet of the WTA Top 10, understanding that it’s not only about high dollar deals with sports companies, and it’s also about which shoe gives the best performance overall.

To help you find the best fit for your game, let’s check out which tennis shoes the current WTA players wear. To date, the top ten players are:

  1. Ashleigh Barty
  2. Naomi Osaka
  3. Karolina Pliskova
  4. Simona Halep
  5. Kiki Bertens
  6. Petra Kvitova
  7. Elina Svitolina
  8. Sloane Stephens
  9. Aryna Sabalenka
  10. Serena Williams

Of course, these positions shift and change regularly, as Grand Slams are won and points are dropped, but for now, these are the players you need to have your eye on in terms of your future competition!

But, what tennis shoes do these top 10 women wear, and which should you choose?

WTA Top 10’s Tennis Shoes of Choice

As mentioned earlier, the top 10 players are all signed to specific companies in terms of footwear endorsements, but which are the best?

Current world number one, Ashleigh Barty, is signed to Fila, and currently wears the Axilus 2 Energized tennis shoe, seen at all major tournaments this year. This shoe is renowned for it comfort and support, but also for the slight bounce it gives when moving quickly on the baseline. Whilst Fila may not be the biggest name on the sportswear block, trailing behind the big hitters of Nike and Adidas, the fact that the current women’s world number one is endorsing them is likely to cause more young female players to choose this type of shoe over some of the potentially more expensive options.

World number two and former world number one, Naomi Osaka is an Adidas girl. Currently wearing the Adizero Ubersonic 3 brand of tennis shoes, these are available in several colours and are a popular choice for young players all-around. With a sturdy construction, the shoes are designed to give a little extra support to the top of the foot, leading towards the ankle, ensuring you can move from side to side with extra support, and fewer worries overturning ankles and causing injury.

Naomi Osaka Adidas Tennis

Osaka is a very popular player on the women’s circuit, with countless fans following her bubbly, down to earth demeanor. For that reason, you’ll see these tennis shoes on the feet of her fans!

Rounding up our top three we have Karolina Pliskova. Whilst Fila might not be the biggest name, as we mentioned earlier, it certainly shows its presence on the women’s circuit, with Pliskova wearing the same shoes as world number one, Barty. Another fan of the sturdy design which comes alongside the Fila Axilus 2 Energized!

Shoes of Choice From Positions 4 to 7

Simona Halep
CLUJ, ROMANIA – JUNE 15, 2019: Tennis player legend Simona Halep playing against Daniela Hantuchova during the Sports Festival

As we move out of the top three, we still see some big names making up the full top 10 list.

Currently sitting at number 4 we have the popular Simona Halep. Heading back towards the biggest names in sportswear, Halep is signed to Nike, and as such wears the popular Nike Air Zoom Vapor X for all major tournaments. Nike Tennis

This shoe is designed with extra support along the ankle once more, but also has added bounce in the heel section, to allow faster movement and ease of turning from side to side. Many of the male players wear the male equivalent of this shoe, with the newest technology incorporated into its construction. You’ll find this particular tennis shoe very easily on the market, however, it’s worth shopping around in terms of cost, simply because of the big name in question.

Next up we have Kiki Bertens. Here we have yet another Fila Axilus 2 Energized fan, proving that despite the lesser-known name, this is a shoe which is making waves! Usually opting for the white version, Bertens favors this shoe for all major tournaments, and again, it is down to the durability and comfort which the construction offers. Fila Ladies Tennis

Petra Kvitova is currently at number 6 on the WTA rankings, and another player signed to the huge Nike empire. Currently wearing the famous Nike Air Zoom Vapor X shoe, this is a product which the big named males also wear. Again, this is down to the construction but it’s because it is a lightweight shoe also. Despite its sturdy nature, this shoe doesn’t hold you back when moving quickly and traveling from side to side. For that reason, you’ll find Kvitova moving fast on the baseline, without hesitation or issues from her footwear.

Number 7 currently belongs to Elina Svitolina, who is also signed to Nike. Unlike the other female players and their Nike shoes we’ve mentioned so far, Svitolina prefers a slightly different model, and goes for the Nike Air Zoom Zero, with a classic and lightweight design.

Available several colours this particular shoe is almost running shoe-esque in design but has the necessary ankle and foot support required for tennis. A simple design, yet one which is made to last.

Tennis Shoes From Positions 8 to 10

Finally, we have the current three players making up the latter end of the top 10. You might be surprised to find Serena Williams currently taking number 10 position, but that’s sure to change as the season continues into the second half!

The current number 8 is Sloane Stephens. Similar to Svitolina, Sloane Stephens chooses the simple yet very effective Nike Air Zoom Zero, having signed to the big named brand a few years ago. Decked from head to toe in the iconic Swoosh, Stephens opts for this lightweight shoe with extra ankle support, also giving a slight amount of bounce in the heels section, in keeping with the ‘Air’ design we see from this brand and model.

Number 9 sees Aryna Sabalenka and her Nike Air Zoom Vapor X, with added technology for lightweight action. A few of the female players higher up in the rankings also wear this shoe, as we’ve already discussed, as well as some of the male players with the male version. This is again down to the superior support offered, but the lightweight design which promises quick movement from side to side.

Finally, we have a big name in the form of Serena Williams. One of the game’s most successful and famous female names, Williams recently took time off to have her first child and as a result, she is a little lower down in the rankings than we’re used to seeing. As mentioned previously, this is no doubt going to change as a little time passes!

A long-term Nike signee, Williams often has bespoke shoes made for her, sometimes in glittery designs to showcase her fashion kudos! Lately, Williams has been seen wearing the Nike Flare 2 HC, a sturdy shoe with extra support along the upper foot and ankle, yet still giving that lightweight feel. In order for Williams to hit those powerful shots, she needs a shoe which gives her stability and support, and she obviously finds this in the Nike Flare 2 HC, wearing it on a regular basis.

Finding Your Ideal Tennis Shoe

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to tennis shoes. Some players prefer a sturdier feel for confidence, but others prefer a very lightweight option, to help them move quickly and freely. The choice is yours, but it’s vital to shop around and find the best price for whichever shoe you go for.

Will you emulate your favorite female player and go for the shoe they’re currently wearing, or will you look into other options? Fila is certainly making waves currently, with several of the top 10 opting for their shoes, but Nike is always going to be ever-present in the women’s game. We only have one Adidas ambassador in the top 10 currently, with Naomi Osaka favoring their shoes, but the top 10 rankings shift and change on a regular basis. In a few months, we might see a whole new bunch of faces, with different shoes and preferences too!

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