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Boot Shorts for the sporty ladies out there, you have countless different fashion choices to look for when it comes to not only finding the most supportive items for your particular sporting discipline, but also the most on-trend. For ladies who love pilates, yoga, dancing, running, and any other type of sport which involves quick movement and the requirement to have no restrictive clothing in the way, booty shorts are a great idea.

Now, booty shorts aren’t the clothing choice for everyone; if you don’t like shorts which are short, e.g. they literally just cover the bottom of the booty, effectively cupping it, then you’re not going to like these types of shorts. If however you have no issue with that, and you want to feel free and able to move without restriction, these fashion choices are idea. You’ll no doubt have seen several sporting stars wearing them on the practice fields and in the gym, as well as out on court or on the race track. You’ll certainly have seen many runners wearing them in huge events, such as the Olympics.

The problem with choosing sportswear is that there are countless different choices on the market. This can make finding the right option for you difficult. Never fear however, because we’ve reviewed some of the best on the market, and some of the biggest brand names too, to help you whittle down your choice and find the ideal option for your sporting discipline, and your body shape. Always remember to shop around before making any decision on sportswear, but these suggestions should certainly be high up on your shortlist.

Best Ladies Booty Shorts Reviewed

EttelLut Booty Fold Over/Regular Shorts Dance Yoga Sexy Exercise Dolphin Shorts

EllelLut is a big brand name in the sportswear world, so you can be sure you’re getting quality before you even look into the product in any great detail! For the brand, these shorts are good value for money, at around $13, and they are available in 15 different color designs. The color you choose will have a contrast piping detail on the lower hemline and on the stripes which go down the sides.

These booty shorts are made of breathable material, which keeps moisture away from your body whilst you’re doing whatever sport you are into, and helps you stay fresh and less distracted as a result. The waistline has strong elastic, but not so rigid that they dig in or become uncomfortable. The material make up is cotton and Spandex, so you are able to stretch and move with ease; ideal if you are choosing yoga, pilates, or dance as your sport of choice. Of course, these shorts also look great on the beach whilst on holiday, so they are multi-functional too!


  • Available in several color options, with contrast detail
  • Quality brand name, for instant piece of mind
  • Strong elasticized waistline which stops the shorts moving around, but is still ultra-comfortable
  • Cotton and Spandex mix, for easy stretching and movement whilst wearing the shorts
  • Look great as a fashion item, as well as for regular sports
  • Good price


  • No pockets
  • Some users state that the bottom hemline occasionally curves upwards, which is an annoyance

Rothco Women’s Booty Shorts

Available in three different camouflage-inspired designs, these booty shorts are ideal for anyone who wants to be able to move freely. These are slightly shorter than the other product we just reviewed, which may not be for everyone, but if you don’t have an issue with the shortness of your shorts, these are a super-fashionable option for sporting ladies, or those who want a fashionable look in general.

Rothco Website

These shorts are low in price, at less than $15, depending upon your size and color choice option, and they are made of a mixture of cotton and Spandex, with the Spandex content at 10%, for extra stretch and movement. The waistband is also thin enough to avoid digging in, ensuring extra comfort. Again, Rothco is a big named brand, so you know you’re going to get a quality product for your cash, and sizes range from small, up to extra large, with most previous users stating the the size is true, as described.

Booty Shorts - Sexy Girl in Shorts
Sexy girl with fitness body on white background


  • Lightweight and comfortable booty shorts, for sport or fashion
  • Three different camouflage patterns to choose from
  • Good priced product from a big named brand
  • Medium waistband to avoid digging in
  • 10% Spandex content for extra movement and stretch


  • Slightly shorter in length, which may not be suitable for all women
  • The camouflage pattern may also prove restrictive in terms of what it ‘goes’ with

FIRM ABS Women’s Perfomance Running Yoga Gym Workout Athletic Sport Shorts

With nine neutral color choices to choose from, these booty shorts are a seriously sporting choice, and they look high quality from the get-go. At a similar price to the other products we have reviewed so far, sizing ranges from extra small, up to XX large, so there is scope for all sizes here. The shorts are also very slightly longer at the back than at the front, which is designed for comfort and coverage. This makes these shorts ideal for any type of sporting activity, including yoga with stretching involved.

The shorts are made of a Polyester, Nylon, and Spandex combination, with 12% Spandex giving extra stretch when needed. The shorts are also designed with a contrast color band down the sides and around the bottom edge, for extra style. The fabric is also moisture wicking, to keep sweat away from the body, including on the waistband, which can sometimes be a problem area. The waistband is also ‘fold over’ in design, to ensure that it stays in place whilst you`re moving around and doesn’t slip and become uncomfortable.


  • Available in several neutral colors, which are all very easy to team other clothes with
  • Slightly longer length at the back for extra coverage
  • Stylish contrast design
  • Moisture wicking to keep sweat away, including on the waistband, which folds over to keep the shorts in place too
  • 12% Spandex content, for extra stretch


  • No pockets included, as some products do have
  • Some users stated that the waistband did occasionally flick back up whilst they were running, or doing rigorous exercise
Lady in Black Booty Shorts

VBRANDED Women’s Sexy Yoga Booty Pilates Frensh Terry Shorts (New Desings)

Available in a huge 22 different color options, including cute pastel shades which would also be ideal for use as pajamas, these booty shorts are the ultimate in flexibility, and also come from a big brand name. At a very slightly higher price to the other options we have mentioned so far, these booty shorts look cute and could easily be used as a fashion choice, just as much as a sporting one. This means you’re getting extra flexibility for your cash. Sizes range from extra small to extra large, and all users state that these shorts are true to size.

The shorts are made of a brushed/combed cotton and Polyester band, and have an elasticated waistline for comfort. These shorts are designed to be slightly loose on the leg and not extremely tight, so you may need to adjust your sizing if you do want a snug fit. They are also lightweight and resistant to wrinkling, feeling very soft to the touch.


  • A fashionable pair of shorts, which could be worn for sport or for fashion, or even for sleeping in!
  • Comfortable fabric which feels soft to touch
  • All sizes catered for
  • Big named brand for extra peace of mind
  • Designed to be slightly looser, for comfort


  • No Spandex content, which means the shorts may easily go out of shape after wearing for a short while
  • Many users prefer these for fashion, rather than sport, which is something to consider as a personal option

Tough Mode Womens 3″ Compression WOD Athletic Shorts

These shorts might be higher in price than our other reviewed items, but they are very versatile and fashionable, and can be worn for a variety of different uses. With sizes ranging from extra small to extra large, you can choose between a huge 23 different colors and designs, with patterned prints also on offer. The shorts are designed to be compression booty shorts, but they are slightly longer than some of the other shorts we’ve reviewed so far, which may be a plus point for some women. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

You can purchase at Tough Mode Website

The shorts are made of stretchable Nylon for the solid color block options, and compression Polyester for the patterned options, to ensure that the patterns don’t stretch out of shape and look terrible! There is also a matte finish on the shorts, and they look seriously fashionable for sporting endeavors.


  • Choose between a large number of colors or patterns
  • Patterned shorts are made of compression Polyester, to ensure the pattern doesn’t stretch and fade
  • Slightly longer length than some other products we’ve reviewed, which is a positive for many women
  • Matte finish for a high quality look
  • Big named brand once more


  • Slightly more expensive than some of our other products
  • Certainly a sporty choice, rather than a fashion-wear choice

Baleaf Women’s High Waist Athletic Workout Yoga Booty Running Shorts Inner Pocket

These shorts are a great budget choice for women who want to look the sporty part during dance, yoga, pilates, or running. Available in five different color choices, the bottom section is black, whilst the waistband is color contrast, depending upon your choice. The shorts are made of a Nylon and Spandex mix, with a 13% Spandex content, giving them the greatest amount of stretch we’ve reviewed so far.

Can purchase at Baleaf website

The fabric is designed to be moisture wicking, so no annoying sweat situations to deal with, and the waistband folds over, to make it look super-sporty, but also give you extra support in the stomach area, if you prefer it. The seams are also designed to be flat, to avoid chafing on the inner thighs. As an extra perk, there is a small hidden pocket on the waistband too.


  • Low priced product, from a big named brand
  • Higher level of Spandex for stretch, at 13%
  • Five different color contrast choices to opt for
  • Moisture wicking material, to avoid sweaty situations
  • Flat seams to avoid chafing
  • Hidden pocket on the waistband


  • Not really a fashionable choice, and really only suitable for sports, which cuts down the versatility side of things
  • Not the largest choice of colors available

FIRM ABS Women’s Active Exercise Fitness Gym Workout Running Yoga Shorts

Our final choice is a very attractive pair of booty shorts, with tie sides which can be ‘ruched’ for a higher cut and a fashionable piece of embellishment too. The shorts are available in seven different colors, which are all neutral and suitable to be worn on the beach, as well as for yoga, dancing, pilates, running, etc.

The shorts are made of a mixture of cotton, Nylon, and Spandex, with a 12% Spandex content for extra comfort and stretch. The material is breathable and lightweight, and the waistband folds over for extra support and fashion. There is also a lining inside the shorts to avoid see through issues, and to give extra support. You can also choose between sizes of extra small, up to XX large.


  • Fashionable item with a ‘ruched’ side drawstring option
  • Neutral colors to choose from, making them a fashion item, as well as a sporting choice
  • High Spandex content for extra stretch
  • Breathable and lightweight fabric
  • Extra lining inside to avoid the material being see-through
  • Large size range available


  • Fabric is breathable but it isn’t designed to be moisture wicking
  • Some users state that the fabric goes out of shape quite easily when the ruching side ties are used regularly

Booty Shorts Final Thoughts

Booty shorts are certainly designed to give extra stretch and a more natural feel to the woman who is wearing them. Whilst not everyone woman may like the mini length of these types of shorts, a few of these designs do come a little further down the leg, and have a lower cut at the back. This makes booty shorts wearable by everyone, no matter what their shape or size.

Suitable for running, yoga, pilates, dance, or general gym wear/training, booty shorts are also suitable to wear as a fashion piece, perhaps even in bed as a pair of pajamas!

Remember to shop around to find the right pair of shorts for you, but these seven products we have just reviewed are certainly high quality options, which all come in at very reasonable prices too.

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