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For a keen hiker, a pair of comfortable hiking boots isn’t the whole deal. No, a man who loves to hike or even walk over long distances needs the clothing to fit the bill. This isn’t a job for a random pair of shorts or cargo pants, you need a comfortable and supportive pair of hiking shorts, one which have several features to make your journey, and your favourite pastime, far easier.

Material is king in this case. A good pair of hiking shorts for men should be comfortable enough to wear whilst moving around, but also suitable to be worn in general fashion circles. The material should also be stretchable to a degree, and be lightweight. If the shorts are made of a material which is moisture wicking, e.g. the material pulls sweat and general moisture away from the body, even better.

Some hiking shorts have other features, such as several pockets, hidden pockets even, and material which has a certain amount of sun protection built in. In order to find the ideal pair of men’s hiking shorts for you, you need to do your research. The reason for this is because the market is flooded with various options, and that can confuse you if you’re trying to find out which is the best choice for your cash. Never fear however, because we’ve reviewed some of the best men’s hiking shorts on the market. This should make your purchasing decision easier!

Best Hiking Shorts For Men Reviews

Columbia Silver Ridge Cargo Short

These men’s hiking shorts are an ideal option on several levels. Firstly, they look the part and could easily be worn on a night out during a holiday, just as easily for a hiking expedition in the hills! The big named brand also gives you peace of mind in your purchase, but you will pay a little more for this name, depending upon the color and size combination you choose.

Can be purchased directly at Columbia Website

The shorts are available in 18 different color options with sizes in inches on the inseam. Be sure to know your size to ensure you get the right one, as these are true to size. 

The material is nylon and polyester mix, and contains UPF 50 sun protection as well as Omni-Wick technology, which deeps sweat and other moisture away from the body during hiking enjoyment. The material is also designed to keep you cool, but also warm during cooler temperatures. There are several pockets on these shorts and one is zipped for extra security. The waistband is adjustable for extra comfort and the whole design is cargo, which is comfortable and on trend generally.


  • Fashionable cargo shorts by a big brand name
  • 18 differed color options available
  • Nylon and polyester mixed material which contains sun protection and Omni-Wick technology
  • Adjustable waistband for comfort
  • Several pockets, including one zipped pocket for security


  • Big named brand means a higher price tag
  • Due to the shorts being ‘true to size’, it’s important to get your size right when ordering online

Coleman Men’s Hiking Cargo Shorts with Belt Ideal for Inclement Weather

These shorts are a mid-priced option, making them affordable for most people and a fashionable, comfortable choice for hiking or for general fashion wear. Choose between 7 different color options, all of which are neutral and perfect for general wear once more. The material is 100% nylon, so whilst there isn’t a huge amount of stretch in them, they are durable and lightweight. There is also a belt included, for extra comfort and support during wear.

Can also be purchased at Walmart website

The shorts contain UPF 50 plus sun protection built in, and the material is quick drying as well as being resistant to tears. The pockets are expandable, so you can easily fit larger items inside, such as your phone, wallet, keys, or a map, and they have Velcro flaps. The pockets to the rear of the shorts have hidden Velcro flaps and there is one secure zipped pocket to one side. The waistband also has elasticated sections, for comfort.


  • Mid-price range, making them affordable for most people
  • 7 different color options, all of which are natural and ‘go’ with most items of clothing
  • Can be worn for fashion use as well as hiking
  • Nylon material for durability and also contains sun protection built in
  • Included belt for extra comfort, and an elasticated waistband
  • Lightweight material which is tear resistant and quick drying
  • Several pockets, including one zippered pocket for security
  • Pockets expand for extra space


  • Not the stretchiest of shorts
  • Some users stated that they felt the material was a little too thin
People Hiking in Shorts

PrAna Men’s Brion Shorts

PrAna are a big name in the sports world, as well as for general fashion wear and that makes these shorts an ideal option for those who want the best of both worlds. Available in 10 different color options, these shorts could easily be worn for going out of an evening whilst on holiday, as they could for hiking – the choice is yours!

Can be purchased directly at PrAna website

Made of a nylon and spandex mix, these shorts are stretchy and flexible, which makes them ideal for differing terrains whilst out and about. The shorts have a traditional zip and button fly, and the fabric is wicking, which means it keeps moisture away from the body, and therefore keeps you cool or warm, depending upon the temperature outside.  There are five pockets in total, and the waistband is fixed, with belt loops if you want to add a belt to your fashion kudos. The shorts are also resistant to tears or rips, which makes them durable over the long-term.


  • 10 color options to choose from
  • Big named brand for extra peace of mind in your purchase
  • Belt loops and fixed waist for fashion and support
  • Wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry, or warm and dry
  • Nylon and spandex mix for a little stretch whilst walking
  • Several pockets included
  • Rip/tear resistant material


  • The price may be quite high, depending upon the color and size option you choose
  • The waistband is fixed, which could make them a little rigid for some men to wear

Bimini Bay Outfitters Men’s Boca Grande Nylon Short

These shorts are another fashionable option, and slightly longer in length, which suits some men’s requirements. Choose between 8 different color options, with a bright clue shade for those who want to stand out. The shorts are made of nylon, and whilst a little rigid, offer support whilst moving over different terrains.

Can also be purchased directly at Bimini website

The shorts are made of quick dry material, and are machine washable, making them a durable choice. The waistband is however elasticated, which will suit some men’s needs, with wide belt loops, if you want to add a belt to your outfit. There are 9 pockets in total, with two at the front in cargo style. The shorts are also mid-price range, so whilst not the cheapest, certainly not the most expensive either.


  • Fashionable choice which could easily be worn for other endeavours, e.g. day or night
  • 8 different color options to choose from
  • Nylon material for durability and quick drying 
  • Elasticated waistband for comfort
  • Wide belt loops
  • A total of 9 pockets in cargo style


  • Not the most expensive pair of hiking shorts we’ve reviewed, but not the cheapest either. Some users state that they obtain more features from some other shorts of the same price range

Savane Mens Hiking Cargo Shorts

These shorts are ideal for fashion conscious male hikers, and come in 15 different color and pattern options. The shorts are slightly shorter in length than some of our other choices, but these are also specifically designed for hiking, which means they move with you when you’re walking over different types of terrain, be it rocky or flat. The shorts are made of a mixture of cotton and polyester for serious durability, and they have sun protection built in. There are two pockets at the front which are deeper than average, and two at the back which have Velcro to keep them closed and your belongings secure.

They can also be purchased at Walmart

Whilst these shorts are a little more expensive than some of the other options we’ve reviewed, it depends upon the color you choose and the size combination in terms of how cheap or expensive. Overall however, these are a dedicated pair of hiking shorts, which would also look perfectly acceptable in the day, or on a casual holiday night out.


  • Dedicated hiking shorts which also look the part for fashion in general
  • Several color options, as well as a few patterned choices too
  • Cotton and polyester material for durability, with built in sun protection
  • Two deep pockets at the front for larger items, and two pockets at the back, all of which close with Velcro for extra security


  • The price depends upon the color and size combination, which could be a little higher in some cases
  • Slightly shorter length may make these shorts not the most ideal when not hiking – this is down to personal choice
Man in Shorts on Hiking Trail

CQR Men’s Urban Tactical Lightweight Utiliy EDC Cargo Classic Uniform Shorts

These shorts are a slightly longer length and come in 24 different color options, making finding the ideal combination easy! These are also mid-price range, so they’re affordable for most, although the exact price will depend upon the size and color combination you choose.

The shorts are cargo/utility style and have six pockets which can hold several items of differing sizes. The shorts are made of a cotton, nylon and spandex mix, so they have a certain amount of stretch to them, and therefore ideal for walking or hiking. This also makes them extra comfortable. The material is resistant to fading and shrinking, and it is also designed to dry quickly, should you get a little wet during an unexpected downpour!


  • Slightly longer length makes these shorts ideal for wear when walking and hiking, as well as general use
  • Cargo/utility design which is on trend right now
  • A mixture of cotton, nylon and spandex makes these shorts durable yet comfortable to wear, with a little stretch
  • Material is resistant to shrinking, fading, and they are also quick drying
  • Six pockets for storing small items whilst out and about


  • The material is quick drying but it isn’t moisture wicking, so it doesn’t necessarily keep sweat and other moisture away from the body

Wrangler Authentics Canvas Hiker Short

Everyone knows the Wrangler name, so from the get go you know you’re getting quality .  The price isn’t as high as you might expect however, and these shorts are amongst one of the lowest in price we’ve reviewed so far!

They can also be purchased at Wrangler website

Choose between six different color options for these shorts, all of which are neutral and fashionable options. The shorts themselves are fashionable in design and cargo style, which is very on trend right now! The material is cotton and a relaxed fit. The style is designed to look like denim, but without the restriction of that type of material. The length hits the knee, and there are pockets at the front which slant, and Velcro closing pockets on the leg and to the rear also. The waistband also has an elasticated section at the back for extra comfort and movement whilst out and about.


  • Specifically designed for hiking
  • Big brand name and very low price considering
  • Fashionable design, which is supposed to look like denim but is actually cotton
  • Elasticated waistband section at the back for extra comfort
  • Several pockets, most of which have Velcro fastening for security


  • The cotton material doesn’t have a spandex component so the material isn’t that stretchy
  • The material isn’t moisture wicking


The hiking shorts for men we have reviewed are all fantastic options, and none of them particularly break the bank. Most of these shorts can easily be worn for general fashion and day to day wear, as well as for hiking, which makes them really cost effective.

Be sure to shop around and find the ideal pair of men’s hiking shorts for you, by looking for the features you really need, and ensuring that you choose the right size.

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